The design and build team have spent years both living and working remotely…

Remote Turn Key Camps is  proud to be the first and only manufacturers in Australia to focus on remote workers wellbeing through the use of modern design focusing on reducing inter-room disturbance and noise reverberation in rest areas to reduce fatigue and improve mental wellbeing of remote worker’s onsite.

Industrial Noise Control  – Acoustic Options  

Our system helps cancel low or high frequency noise responsible for drops in cognitive performance and increases in anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation fatigue, and annoyance. 

  • outstanding and unique low-frequency sound absorption treatment 
  • reduce inter-room disturbance in rest areas
  • improve privacy
  • improve mental wellbeing

Flexible applications

  • Retro fitted – via customised art works options
  • New builds – permanently built into walls and ceiling 

Contact Information

From temporary exploration, construction camps to accommodation overflow due to mining shutdowns, our remote turnkey camps offer a comfortable and enjoyable space to live throughout the life cycle of your project.

info@remoteturnkeycamps.com    0415 975 461

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